Heat pumps, gas boilers, oil boilers, CHP installations (gas/biogas), solar heating collectors, ventilation equipment, air heating units (calorifiers), and ceiling ventilators.

Design radiators (incl. steel rib radiators), decorative radiators, bathroom radiators, heated towel rails, electric radiators, radiator benches, and radiator valves.

Panel radiators (universal connections on the bottom or on the side / central connection) with elegant vertical grooves. The product selection also includes smooth models with modern front panels and models with horizontal grooves. Radiators with fans for increasing thermal efficiency.

Circulation pumps (heating / cooling / hot water), in-line pumps (incl. with a frequency converter), standard pumps, pressure boosting pumps, vacuum pumps, and sewage pumps.

Gas blowers and special hot air blowers for hencoops (natural gas/liquid gas).

Air curtains, air heaters, and ventilation equipment.

Radiation panels (for heating and cooling – suspended from the ceiling).

Circulation pumps (heating / cooling / hot water).

Granule boilers (pellets/coal), and solid fuel boilers (logs, incl. wood gas boilers).

Stainless and acid-proof pre-insulated (double wall) and single wall module chimneys.

Underfloor convectors (natural convection or with ventilators) for heating and/or cooling. Cooling panels (mounted on the ceiling).

Expansion tanks (for heating) and hydrophors (for domestic water). Automatic pressure maintenance systems (for heating and cooling). Heat storage devices (buffer tanks).

Line adjustment valves, pressure relief valves, rotary valves, triple mixers, steam valves, pressure adjustment valves, condensate separators, retaining valves, and mud collectors.

Air separators, plug valves, geothermal heating collectors, hydraulic collectors, pump groups, magnetic filters, heat retention units, zone valves, 3-way valves, and servomotors.

Line adjustment valves (static and dynamic, that is independent from pressure).

Domestic water boilers, heat pump boilers, solar boilers, loading tanks, heat storage devices, combined tanks, and accessories (electric heating units, etc.).

Mud collectors, rotary valves, and non-return valves.

Ball valves (incl. with a mud filter or sensor pocket, non-return valves, mud collectors, and sealed fittings.

H-fittings and retaining valves for radiators, ball valves for underfloor heating collectors, pump fittings (incl. with a ball valve), and ball valves for insulated pipes.

Chemical products and detergents for gas, oil, and solid fuel boilers and burners. Antifreezes and corrosion protection products. Scale and soot removers.

Drywalls and heat conduction modules for underfloor heating. Oil tanks (with plastic or steel caissons).

Manometers (incl. for gas) and thermometers.

Anti-bending supports for underfloor heating, rosetters for H-fittings of radiators. High-quality fixing systems (plastic).


Spark detection and extinguishing systems (different areas of application). In-Line measuring equipment (thickness gauges, gap detectors with ultrasound, humidity meters, quality inspection of surfaces or edges, press optimisers, and laboratory equipment).

Automatic fire detection and extinguishing systems (for mining, industrial, agricultural, marine, military, or electric vehicles, buses, wind generators, industrial and restaurant kitchens).

Air humidification systems (high-pressure pumps with frequency converters). Water treatment systems (water softening, reverse osmosis, UV sterilisation). Different areas of application in industrial and commercial premises.

Industrial binder technologies. Development of the suitable binder formulae, binder production technology solutions, maximum use of lignin in the composition of glues.

Aspiration systems. Stationary overpressure filters (up to 300,000 m³/h), silos (up to 483 m³), dust ventilators, transport conveyors, chain conveyors, extraction ducts, combustion gas filters, and dust-free truck loading stations.

Aspiration systems. Stationary under-pressure filters (up to 300,000 m³/h), silos, dust ventilators, extraction ducts for dust removal, and transport conveyors.

Aspiration systems. Portable filters (for wood dust, paint dust, and welding fumes), portable extractors, welding walls and extraction fittings, stationary under-pressure filters (up to 140,000 m³/h), and grinding tables with extraction.

Waste treatment equipment.
Wood chippers (with a hopper or horizontal), and briquetting plants.

Conveyors to ensure efficient production logistics and storage. Drive-less rolling conveyors (Q70), transport carts on rails, and fifth wheels with the top of a rolling conveyor.

Fully automatic biomass boilers (for wet wood chips), feeding systems from silos, multi-cyclones, and chimneys.

Wood chip boilers (for dry wood chips), feeding systems from silos, multi-cyclones, and chimneys.

Instruments for measuring the moisture concentration of wood.